Thursday, April 08, 2004

Toes of ice

Geez, it's cold today. The temperature is probably not that low (I'd guess around 11 C), but I really felt it this morning. What makes it worse is that the library building is a little over-heated, while the bus is mostly unheated. Dressing in layers is helping (t-shirts at my desk, add the jacket in the public area, zip the jacket up and stomp the feet when on the bus).

I've finished reading all of the novellas in Tales of the Slayer Volume 3. They were enjoyable, and the fighting scenes were well-written. However, the one thing which I felt was missing was character development. Of course, this is a hard ask for a novella or short story, especially when comparing it to a whole television series (BtVS). I'd thought at first that the combination of familiar setting (the Buffyverse) and unfamiliar characters would work really well for me. But I never get to really know the Slayer, nor follow her growth as an extraordinary human being. So I don't know whether I'll try reading any of the other Tales, or any of the novels about Buffy.

What I do want to get around to reading is Phillip Pullman's 'Northern Lights', and probably the Garth Nix books 'Lirael' and 'Abhorsen'. After I've finished my essay on misinformation.

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