Friday, April 30, 2004

Gift-giving in Samoan culture

Well, the original request was for 'information on gift-giving across all cultures'; luckily we got the patron down to specifics and it turned out she just needed information on how it is in Samoan culture. I couldn't find any appropriate subject headings in the catalogue (I looked under 'etiquette'), so I had to turn to the Internet. Isn't it interesting how so much stuff about Samoan culture is based on culture in American Samoa (as opposed to Western Samoa - I don't know what the difference is; maybe there are more McDonalds' or something)?

Thank goodness I found a couple of links for her; it took all afternoon (though I did have to fit it in around helping the other patrons).

If you're interested in the subject, have a look at this one and this one.

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