Sunday, April 04, 2004

Great knee-length boots = rapture

I’m so rapt. Yesterday my boy and I went shopping, for boots. I needed to replace the ankle boots which I’ve been wearing for the last three winters, plus I wanted to see if I could find some knee-length dress boots (anything to be able to wear skirts, while avoiding those horrible pantyhose). And we actually found a pair which had enough heel to look dressy, but not enough to impede my walking ability. Not only could I fit my legs into them, but they looked damned fine on me AND were a nice price too. So we went out last night, so I could show ‘em off.

In the process, I discovered that my boy is like most males in this respect – he prefers me to look girly.

W went to see Lost in Translation. I enjoyed watching Bill Murray’s character having a hard time understanding the locals’ English. It made me sad though. Even though both of the characters had found a friend in each other, they were both basically unhappy people. It had a real Indie feel about it, which I like – but it wouldn’t have struck me as an Oscar-winning film though.

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