Monday, April 05, 2004

lapses in the mind

I seem to be experiencing an annoyingly large number of 'blond' moments these days. I've never been blond, and if I ever was then I'm definitely old enough for the hair colour to have darkened to non-blonde by now anyway. Perhaps these 'blond' moments are actually grey moments...those lapses of memory or momentary confusion which accompany old age. Not that I'm really old, but I'm only six months away from the big fore-oh.

Once again, I forgot to lock my car door this morning when I left it. Last time it happened at work, I got my gym gear stolen. Getting my stuff nicked, did not stop me from forgetting to lock the car door at least three more times since then...

As well, I seem to misunderstand what my boss tells me - frequently. Some of it I put down to her. For example, she tells me I'm going out on the mobile library with so-and-so, and then thinks that so-and-so already knows. My workmates have similar stories. But sometimes it must be me. Or...and this is scary...we both share this trait of not being quite accurate in what we're being told or telling others - and this is what happens when two like-minded people try to communicate to each other.

Either way, it's a worry. I might have to increase my fish intake or something.

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