Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Extreme makeover possibilities part deux

How could I have forgotten two really obvious ones? Liposuction and dental work.

Liposuction I wouldn't bother with, only because I've made lots of effort (on and off) over the years to get into some kind of respectable shape. While I wouldn't exactly give my bod a 10 out of 10, at least it's what I've made it (sort of). So I wouldn't want to wreck all that hard work by simply getting a bucketful of fat sucked out of me.

Dental work. My teeth are victims of the classic Asian mouth-too-small-for-teeth condition. From the time I was a teen, it was always a possibility that I'd get braces. But back then we couldn't afford it, and by the time I could I was grown up and wasn't keen on having a mouth full of wire. Now I'm so used to having crooked teeth I forget all about it.

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