Sunday, April 04, 2004

Clash of the holiday activities

We decided last night that we'd definitely leave town for the long weekend over Easter. So I was a bit put out to find that my friend Claudio, who is in New Zealand on honeymoon with his new wife, is only going to be in town for one day - and that day is in the middle of the weekend.

I'm a little bit tempted to stay at home after all, so that I can catch up with Claudio, meet his wife and introduce them to my other half. But on the otherhand, my boy really really needs a break and I was quite looking forward to getting away (at least as much as I was looking forward to seeing an old friend).

So I've decided - if Claudio really wanted to catch up, he would surely have allowed for more than one measly day in town, right? So he's probably not going to be devastated if his day in my town coincides with my much-needed trip away, is he?

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