Friday, April 02, 2004

Look out - public holidays ahead

Easter's coming up, and with it a four-day weekend. Cool.

My boy's been complaining lately, that he hasn't seen much of me. That isn't surprising, because our normal week looks like this (bear in mind I'm usually in bed by 10.30/11pm):

Monday - he goes to an RPG (role-playing game) evening, and doesn't get in until I'm about to head for bed
Tuesday - I have a class in the morning, so I work late until 8pm to make up the time. It's nearly 9pm by the time I get home
Wednesday - I go to the gym after work, so I don't get in until 8pm
Thursday - no gym, though it's Dinner at Mum's night. We get back home around 8pm
Friday - If I have to work or go to a study workshop on Saturday, I go to the gym again today, so I don't get in until 8pm
Saturday - The boy sleeps in till noon, I go to work or to the gym in the meantime. This is the only full day we have together (see Sunday).
Sunday - It's Take Mum shopping Day . We go to the market, then to Church, then to some supermarkets (maybe just one, maybe 3!), before a late lunch at her place. Losts of driving, waiting and lifting involved. I get home between 2pm and 3pm, in a grouchy mood and in the need for a long walk alone.

So I'll pretend we're going away for the weekend (to avoid the major-ly stressful shopping Sunday), and we'll just hang.

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