Tuesday, April 06, 2004

a day on campus

I've got a day off work today. My boss very nicely let me have the day off when I asked to attend a library association meeting early this evening (normally I go to work right after my class, then work till 8pm). So I was so busy getting ready for doing study stuff after my class, that I forgot half of the stuff I needed for the class itself - like my course notes.

It's nice and quiet now, because most of my classmates have gone to their afternoon class (I'm only taking one course). I'd been having trouble accessing the university's online databases from home, so one of the things I'd hoped to do was to spend time looking through the on-line journals. I'd forgotten how slow the process of downloading e-journals is, and waiting for articles to appear is frustrating.

At least I have all afternoon this time.

Ever since I started really looking into my essay topic of misinformation, I've become more aware of - and more paranoid about - the prevalence of misinformation in every source. I can no longer read a non-fiction book or article and just take it at face value (this is something I've gotten away with most of my life). It's now so much more work reading stuff, because I have to be actively sceptical and maybe even check the writer's sources.

Now I know why most people read novels in their leisure time.

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