Monday, April 19, 2004

The battle of the displays

There are competing displays just up this morning in the library, right next to each other. On the left we have NZ Idol, an homage to the Kiwi version of Australian Idol, American Idol etc (an aside - we Kiwis actually invented the concept but the Aussies and the Yanks were the ones who made it the big fat success it is today). On the right we have the ANZAC Day display which commemorates all the New Zealand (and Australian, if pushed) soldiers who died in war - organised by your own short and sweetness.

The military memorabilia which features on the ANZAC display is getting a bit of attention, and well it should - after all it's our history. But I have been aghast at the amount of attention which the Pop display is getting. I haven't been watching it on the telly, but a quick skim through the Sunday papers tells me that most of them can't even sing in key (I can't either, but at least I don't try to inflict myself on the telly-watching public).

Surely intelligence, nationhood and history are of greater interest than badly-manufactured pop-singers!

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