Monday, April 12, 2004

Science can tell you what you want to be true

New Scientist is such a good magazine - it's almost a pop-science journal, because it's relatively easy to read and full of interesting stuff which actually means something in everyday life.

I was looking for the source of a newspaper article which says that if you eat chocolate every day while pregnant your child will be a smiley happy one. I traced the information as far back as New Scientist.

I'm including it in my essay, as an example of how information is modified for general readership, so it would be nice if I could get hold of the previous source (Early Human Development Vol 76) - however I couldn't find it in the University's library catalogue...maybe I'll try to Interloan it.

Anyway, I like chocolate but I'm not a huge fan of it - but this article just might convince me to make it part of my diet. And that's just to ensure that I'm as sweet as can be.

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