Thursday, October 31, 2019

Being specific

I have been taking part in the Fridays for Future protests in the last few Fridays, standing with Ollie and about 1 or 2 dozen others in front of Parliament during my lunch break (the others stick around for 2 hours).

The government has come to an agreement that farmers will work out their own emissions reduction process over the next four years, and if they haven't by the end of that period they will automatically be covered by the Emissions Trading Scheme.

I don't think that's going far enough.

I decided it was time to actually suggest to our Prime Minister what I actually want her to do.

Here is my first message -

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Because you cant take alopecia out of the girl...

After the last time all  my hair fell out  although there was regrowth soon after it actually took almost a year before I had total hair cover again.  By that, I mean there were no obvious bald patches.

But I waited several  months before I felt ready to get my first cut at a hairstylist, because it seemed that going to a hairdresser (or a new one) seemed to always precipitate a new bout of alopecia.

So, while I could walk around wigless from about March this year, i didn't make an appointment for a haircut until August.

Then, in the three weeks between making the appointment and actually attending it, i started to get fallout again.

This time around its patchy. I have a noticeable bald patch at the front left of my head which is covered by   not too obvious comb-over, except when its windy. Which is most days. I also have thinning around my part, which is less obvious.

I try to be glad that  it's not all coming out at once, but I'm annoyed that I might be facing another summer of having to cover my head in public.

In desperation I have been googling hair loss treatments. I will not buy any product that is tested on animals, especially if their efficacy for my type of hair loss is uncertain.

But I will have a go at Weleda hair tonic, which has rosemary as the active ingredient, and at a rosemary shampoo and conditioner by Angel.

But first I have to do skin sensitivity tests to ensure they don't irritate my skin...