Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Meetings, academic frauds and funny stuff

I went to a library association meeting last night, in which the two speakerd were library managers who'd gotten themselves sent to Seattle for the PLA (Public Libraries Association I think, rather some Palestinian organisation) Conference. I'd been hoping to hear their thoughts on the discussions about the Patriot Act, amongst other things. So I was pretty disappointed when they said they'd been advised to withdraw from the discussion group - apparently the room was probably bugged and a non-American voice wouldn't have gone down well with the 'buggers'.

In my research for my essay on misinformation, I've found quite a few examples of scholars who've been caught falsifying evidence in order to get published. In my library training, I've been taught to trust university-linked/scholarly information more than Joe Blogg's - but obviously even the most well-respected scientist or historian can't trusted(this is an old article from 2002).

Courtesy of the Laughing Librarian, I found this site page in which people have combined two book titles to make one. My favourites have to be:

Go Ask Alice in Wonderland
Teen girl becomes drug addict, takes the trip of her life.

Lord of the Ringflies
Three-book fantasy epic about rectal parasites.

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