Sunday, April 25, 2004

Partying with geeks, and Starsky and Hutch

On Friday we went out for drinks with my boy's work mate and friend, Doug. Doug is being sent off to Belgium for a while, so his whole work-crowd was there. Although I used to be in IT, I've never been a geek - that's probably why I'm not in IT any more. But sitting amongst all those intimidatingly clever-geek types with relatively massive salaries made me feel slightly inadequate. If they'd all been ugly and socially hopeless I would've at least felt smug in my (relatively) attractive and sociable self. But most of them were quite normal, and some of them even pretty and chatty. Predictably, I chose the least attractive and least interesting person there to talk to - that is, until my boy sent his Columbian friend to distract me and give me an 'out'.

We went to see Starsky and Hutch last night. It was my idea too. And yet I still call myself a film buff...hmmm....Actually, ever since the brilliance of Zoolander I've become much more conducive to films starring Ben Stiller (as long as it doesn't also feature any of the cast from Friends). Stiller and Owen Wilsen are very funny both together and apart, so I was keen to see Starsky and Hutch. I'm definitely old enough to have watched the tv series that the film is based on, though I can't actually remember much of the series apart from the wraparound cardigan and the fact that one was blonde and the other was brunette. I do remember, though, that the song Hutch sings to the cheerleaders is the one which David Soul (the original Hutch) made a minor pop hit of, back in the 70's. My boy and I were the only one's who laughed at that - surely someone else in the movie audience was as old as we were!

It's not as funny as Zoolander or Meet the Parents, but still a bit of a laugh. The highlight for me was probably the part where they go to visit a man in prison for information, and are coerced into 'compromising' themselves ...

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