Friday, February 07, 2020

OMV Out!

Since I had today off work I decided to join on the OMV protest outside their local office this afternoon.

We were a small crowd of 6, chanting and singing and using a megaphone to hopefully reach the staff up on level 20.

A friendly Canadian came to chat supportively.

Another young guy stopped to talk, but it turned out he just wanted to tell us about a stage  production he is in so we could help promote it.

A guy holding three trays of beef steaks stopped to interrogate us, offering his opinion that climate change is overstated and demanding technical details about how the offshore drilling works. At least he believed us when we told him that yes, the drilling for oil is still ongoing despite the ban on new drilling licences.

Lots of people walked by with their faces turned away - now I know what it feels like to be collecting for charity on street corners...

And quite a few nodded at us in approval.

Hair and there

Once the bald spot on the left front of my scalp grew back in I started to relax again and pretty much stopped using the Welda hair tonic.

Lately TLM and the boy have mentioned a little bald spot at the back of my head, but they didn't make it sound like anything to worry about.

Then I started shedding again, at a rate that shows all over the floor and the sofa cushions.

Then I took a couple of head-back selfies and went into full-on hair loss anxiety. I even dusted off my wig from last March and seriously considered going to the Fridays for Future protest with it on.

I didn't, but only because I was going to have a sunhat on all afternoon.

So it's back to the hair tonic for me. I am really not ready to wig up again...