Thursday, April 29, 2004


This morning, it was a rush to get the Mobile Library ready for the morning. It takes ages to get the laptop logged on and connected to the main server, get the bus engine going, load it up with crates of books, etc.

I was a little annoyed to find that I wasn't able to get connected, even though I re-tried continually. I kept getting 'Aircard not in action'. I went to the Systems Librarian, because I hadn't come across this one before, and she told me to just keep trying. So I did, until it was time to reverse out of the garage and make for my first stop.

I kept trying after I got there, and no luck. Then I decided to check - again - that all the cables and stuff were plugged in. This time around, I realised that the antennae wasn't plugged in. Now, if the Systems Librarian and the IT guy (who was standing next to her at the time) had come on board and found this, I would've been sooo embarrassed. Especially because I'm supposed to be the unofficial Systems Librarian-in-waiting due to my IT past. In my defense though, this is a new antenna which we are trialling, and the usual one is semi-permanently plugged into the laptop....

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