Monday, February 27, 2006

The painters are in

The painters are in.
I'm up on the blocks.
The Curse is upon me.
Auntie Flo's in town.
I've checked into the Red Roof Inn.
I'm closed for maintenance.
The Crimson Tide is in.
Dracula's teabags are in the house.
I'm flying the red flag.
There's been a massacre at the Y.
Moses is parting the Red Sea.
My red-headed cousin from Virginia is in town.
There is red thread in my sewing machine.
I got a scarlet letter.
It's too wet to plow.
I'm out trolling for vampires.

Yep. In case you didn't get the massive hint, my Carefree-free days are gone, after nigh-on fifteen months. Boo-hoo.

p.s. thanks to Aunt Flow's World of Menstruation Euphamisms.


The Editter said...

so was your last post title a hint too, then?

Violet said...

What, "my shipment's come in"?

darth said...

several of my friends on Yahoo Messenger have taken it upon themselves to announce that news to me (don't ask) by starting off a new YIM window with "."

Ms Mac said...

Ugghhh! Most of those are quite revolting, Dracula's Tea Bags for sure. But I use the old "I'm up on blocks" myself.

Violet said...

darth: it's not the sort of thing people normally announce to their male friends, is it?!

ms mac: The "Dracula's teabags" line was told to me when I was a young and impressionable first-time computer programmer. It really changed the way I viewed my male workmates.

boudica of suburbia said...

I always liked "Surfing the crimson wave" from Clueless hahahaha

Violet said...

boudica: hah, makes it sound like something exciting and fun.

glomgold said...

Uh, it actually took me over half the post before I knew what was goin' on. Doh.