Sunday, February 05, 2006

The movie with the giant penis suit

We rented two DVDs to watch this week, The Yes Men and The Machinist. The latter sounds pretty promising because 1) it stars Christian Bale, who managed to make a Batman movie interesting, and 2) it's been described as "Fight Club meets Memento" - two favourite movies of mine.

But tonight I was in the mood for a laugh, so we watched The Yes Men, which is a documentary about a couple of imaginative anti-Globalisation guys (this is their website) who impersonate WTO representatives at various straight-up conferences around the world.

They get away with presenting the abovementioned giant penis suit as a textile-based solution to the twin problems of 1) managing workers remotely and 2) the need for a work life balance.

They also give a po-faced lecture to a roomful of economics students about their plan to feed the excreted waste products from First World-ingested hamburgers, to the starving poor in the Third World.

You could enjoy this movie just for the hilarious pseudonyms they work under, like Dr Adreas Bichlbauer and Granwyth Hulatberi. You could learn something about the evils of Globalisation. Or you could just enjoy the giant, inflatable penis suit.


onscreen said...

Two very good DVDs. Loved the golden penis suit!

Violet said...

I was astonished that the audience at the presentation merely tittered. I wouldn've guffawed.

glomgold said...

I will have to check out this movie as well.