Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Machinist

I was pretty intrigued by this movie when I heard about it. Apparently Christian Bale, who played Batman in Batman Begins, had to starve himself to the point of looking like a concentration camp inmate, in order to play this role.

On the cover of the DVD it says that The Machinist is like a cross between Fight Club and Memento (both great movies, especially the latter).

Well it is; very much so.

It's a fine movie. I find it just a little too similar to both of the movies it's been compared to, but if you've not seen either (but are the sort of person who'd enjoy both) then you'll probably really like it.

There's an unhealthily thin man who hasn't slept in a year - the machinist; a strange workmate with an accent like Elvis' whom no-one else can see; a factory from hell; a prostitute who'll give it all up for the machinist; a single-mum waitress who befriends him; and enigmatic post-it notes on his fridge.

Oh, and there's also a huge reference to Dostoyoevsky's The Idiot, but I've never read it so I can't tell you it's significance.


onscreen said...

Awesome movie. Have you seen The Woodsman?

Violet said...

no I haven't. It sounds like a good movie, but I reckon I'd find it a little too dark.

glomgold said...

This movie's on my "to watch" list. Too bad I keep forgetting what I've put on the list.