Friday, February 03, 2006

Five most exciting events of yesterday

A fellow mum, who's daughter was one of those babies you can take anywhere 'cos they seem to sleep all the time, told me that's no longer the case. Welcome to the real world, pal.

I've thought of a way to stretch out snacker-Baby's feeds. All I have to do is take her visiting, during what would be her feed time. Yesterday she went about 5 hours between feeds because we went to see a friend, where she had a whole new ceiling to stare at.

Realising that Lost, Desperate Housewives and House are all starting on the telly from next week.

Making my first foray into online auctions, when I bid $4 for a Jolly Jumper look-alike on TradeMe (today I had to increase that to $13).

Finding a copy of Tracy Hogg's The Baby Whisperer solves all your problems (she doesn't really, but it's got some good ideas) at the library.

I really must get a life.


Ms Mac said...

If you ask me, Jolly Jumpers are a gift from God. Ewan absolutely loved his! And actually, he provided hours of entertainment for us adults watching him!

Mike said...

Jolly Jumper not only rock the wee persons world they are cool as to watch.
AND, we all think about one for grown-ups!

happyandblue2 said...

Ever since I became to big for a jolly jumper my life has gone down hill..

Violet said...

With recommendations like this, how could I not think you must be working for the Jolly Jumper corporation?

Seriously, I reckon Baby will love one too - she has already learned how to make her hammock bounce when she's in it, by lifting dropping her wee bum.