Saturday, February 04, 2006

How to spend hundreds of dollars in less than an hour

Having only bought ourselves a new king-size bed last weekend, today we turned our attentions to Baby's retail needs.

Actually, I'd only realised 2 or 3 days ago that the rented car capsule she's been using, is due to be returned on Tuesday. So we urgently had to buy her a new car seat. And since it's quite hard trying to spoon pureed apple into Baby's mouth when she's half-reclining in her infant rocker and playing with the baubles hanging off the toy bar, a high chair was next on the list.

What you're supposed to do is go to at least a couple of specialist baby shops, look at every model and compare prices; maybe even try to get a discount for buying both items at the same shop. But due to Baby's ultra-short awake times (she was due for a feed and a nap within the hour), that didn't exactly happen.

It was more a case of making a beeline for the most visually attractive model, quickly trying Baby in it and checking that it wasn't the cheapest one in the shop (assuming that you get what you pay for - as it turned out we bought the second most expensive of each item) and snapping it up before the shop assistant even had time to talk us into the most expensive models.

Oh, and we also got a pair of really cute, hot pink infant sunglasses.


happyandblue2 said...

Speed wins over prudent shopping every time when you have a baby with you, ha,ha..

EB said...

Woo hoo, welcome to the world of solids! I meant to say it on the post about trying baby rice but the internet ate my comment.

She's gonna look cool in her sunglasses while eating her cereal and sipping a tequila in between.

EB said...

Our high chair was about $200 - $300. I picked it because it was washable, matched the decor, same brand as the stroller and "get what you pay for" idea.

What would have been smart was to put the child in like you did because he almost disappeared in it.

Violet said...

happyandblue2: it sure does. I now only leave the house if Baby's in the buggy or if we can get out and back again within the hour. It cuts out a lot of unnecessary window-shopping!

eb: solids is pretty fun, but then she hasn't yet started blowing bubbles with food in her mouth, in earnest. Our high chair a a Chicco Polly somethingorother. It's a cute blue and orange - which doesn't match our decor, but who cares?.

boudica of suburbia said...

ooh lets have a pic of those cool sunnies!


Mike said...

... bought ourselves a new king-size bed - v. jealous!

Violet said...

mike: yeah it's great. But it's higher than our old one and I have to do a little hop to get onto it!