Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hooray for Huggies

It's not my thing to plug products - just movies and TV shows, normally - but in this post I sing the praises of Huggies disposable nappies.

Almost exactly one week after Baby's last poo, I was greeted at this morning's first nappy change of the day, with one so massive you'd think Baby had been digesting an entire sack of potatoes (pureed, of course). As you'd expect from a poo which has been brewing for a whole seven days, this one completely filled the nappy - it's a total wonder why it didn't burst its banks. In fact, this product did such a good job that I didn't even detect the poo onslaught with my usual nappy-sniffing test; it'd been so effective in keeping the toilet-y smells within.

Thanky you, Huggies, for saving me from the potentially gruesome task of a complete bedlinen change, clothes change, baby-clean and seriously thorough scrubbing of my fingernails.


EB said...

That's a relief! We liked Huggies better than Treasures-the only other nappy we've tried, from the start. Now we use the latter because that's what the shop sells and both are ok. A few times stuff has scooted up the backside but maybe that's a boy thing.

Violet said...

no, it's not a boy thing.

Kazzer said...

Violet, you REALLY need to start getting out more!

Violet said...

Nappies are very important, Kazzer; if they don't work, nobody gets to go out.