Monday, February 13, 2006

A new addiction

Having made my very first online auction buy today (a stroller for when Baby and I go out in the car), I fear that I have now become addicted to TradeMe. It's a good thing I've never been a shopaholic.


EB said...

We bought a cable. Apparently a lot of parallel importing goes on in the techo world and these sellers can offer a cheaper price and still make money.

The Editter said...

Whenever George complains I'm addicted to Trade Me, I remind him I found him on the Internet.

Wicked said...

TradeMe is a bit of a Hotel California in my house.

Violet said...

eb: I reckon lots of people are making a living out of selling things thru TradeMe, especially after seeing whats in the Art category.

editter: well, he can't argue with THAT! How much did you have to pay for him? ;-)

wicked: What - more so than NZ Dating?