Friday, February 24, 2006

For the record

Here's a rundown of the intimate details of Baby's life...

Food that Baby likes:
pureed pear, with or without rice cereal
pureed apple, with or without rice cereal

Food that Baby will eventually swallow after it sits in her mouth for about five minutes:

potato, with or without rice cereal, pureed or fork-mashed
kumara, with or without rice cereal, pureed or fork-mashed

Food that Baby will spit right out, even making gagging noises first for effect:

avocado, with or without rice cereal

Food which is next on Baby's list of food-to-try:
pureed courgette

Why I will persist with the avocado:
I read that it can make Baby's poo go bright green. I have to see this.

Usual number of minutes between putting Baby down in her cot, and her going quiet:
0, as long as I don't try it mid-afternoon or later.

Usual length of Baby's naps:
For a couple of weeks they were over an hour but now she's catnapping again (45 mins).

Number of times Baby wakes for attention after her bedtime:
1-3 times between 6.30pm and midnight; 1-3 times between midnight and 6.30am

Longest stretch of sleep this month:

6 1/2 hours, two nights ago

Baby's height/length:

67 cm

Baby's weight:

Just over 7kg

Baby's favourite playthings:
Bouncing in her hammock
Her little scrunchy fabric book
Her rattle/water-filled teething ring

Things that make Baby chortle with glee:
Her daddy's funny faces
The dragon hand puppet, when it's tickling her with its forked tongue
Being swung through the air
Being bounced, in my arms of on my knees
Biting my nipples


onscreen said...


How can you put the poor bub through the horror of courgettes?

Try a pureed Big Mac.....

Violet said...

onscreen: I'm saving that for next month...

The Editter said...

I wouldn't have thought courgette would puree very well, being quite watery... you should try her on brussel sprouts pureed with butter, lovely...

I can understand the avocado thing, it does have a slimy texture.

Violet said...

editter: how about brussel sprouts pureed with water? I can understand the avocado thing too - I didn't like it myself until I was all grown up.

EB said...

It's delightful when babies are happy with their playthings and also when they are asleep.

Beth said...

I started Eve on solids today. She didn't look too impressed with her spoonful of pureed carrot. :-(
Spat straight out and with a rasperry blown for good measure. How on earth do you get carrot stains out??

Violet said...

eb: yes it is, though I still get more delight from her sleeping than from her playing - purely for selfish reasons of course.

beth: I haven't given her carrots yet, but I'm glad she hasn't cottoned onto the possibility of blowing raspberries when her mouth is full of food!

flying kiwi said...

Fascinating. I was just wondering what Baby's favourite playthings were...

I don't understand the avocado - I love it.

Violet said...

flying kiwi: does it make your poo go green?

glomgold said...

A couple veggies in there I don't understand but overall not a bad looking palette.