Sunday, February 12, 2006


I started feeding Baby hyper-mashed pototo last week. Everything was going fine; her initial reaction to this new food soon developed into acceptance and now she seems to like it.

But the worrying thing is that Baby hasn't pooed since her first taste of spudliness. It's been four days.

In the past, she's sometimes held on for two days; then when she did poo the resulting mess was just ALL OVER. So you can perhaps sense my concern.

Baby's next poo could well put us knee-deep in the brown stuff.


EB said...

Today mash, some day Violet's gnocchi special? JJT liked kumara better than potato.

Wouldn't it be nice if the nappy could tell us when the next poo overflow will come by a little line like how the preggie test analyses pee. Then you'd know that in two hours a nude tummy time might need backup.

Violet said...

eb: it was the main reason Baby never had nappy-free time in her first month or two - I was scared she'd surprise us.

darth said...

lol..i think that happened to us as well when darth jr. started eating rice porridge and vanilla pudding...a scary dearth of poos..followed by major carpet, bedding, and car seat cleaning.. :D

Violet said...

Lucky for me that, when Baby finally produced her poo (and just as big and scary as we predicted), the boy was looking after her at the time - so he was the one up to his elbows (literally) in it.