Friday, February 17, 2006

Baby's first overnight trip

Baby's godparents (not FlyingKiwi, who is her god(less) parent) got married yesterday, in a picturesque little town known for it's wine and crafts. Although they're really cool people who have wonderful taste in baby clothes, I was dreading going to the wedding because it would mean overnighting away from home i.e. Baby's routine would be completely disrupted.

It's funny how such a small person can have so much luggage. We had to practically dismantle her bedroom and put it into three bags, in order to re-create her home environment in our hotel room. Then we got there, and realised it wasn't going to work anyway; there was no CD player for our white noice CD, the musical aquarium (essential for her naptime and bedtime routines) couldn't be fitted onto the travel cot provided, and the room didn't have blackout curtains.

On the plus side, she absolutely charmed the wedding party; she and a boy baby of similar age got on like a house on fire (she's going to be a big flirt when she grows up, oh yes), and there would have been no shortage of baby-friendly arms if the boy and I needed a break.

Speaking of the boy, he was the groom's best man so I got to see him all dressed up in a tux; he was by far the prettiest male in town (pretty in a manly, rugged sort of way of course).

When he couldn't locate the Blistex with which he intended to lubricate the wedding bands (just in case), he used the stuff from Baby's bum cream jar. I just had to tell you that.

Just as I'd feared, Baby didn't sleep too well. I ended up having to feed her to sleep, about every 2-3 hrs through the night; she wouldn't nap at all.

But I think she had fun.


boudica of suburbia said...

hehehehe... bless you, you're turning into "one of those" parents!



Juliabohemian said...

you're brave. I would never have tried it.

Jon said...

I'm glad baby stole the show and didn't get upset about being away from home. But, the terrible 2s are just around the corner. :-P

happyandblue2 said...

At least they won't get diaper rash from the rings.
Glad you had fun..

Violet said...

boudica: What kind of parents, hmm?

juliabohemian: I may never try it again.

jon: way before the terrible 2s, will be when learns to sit and stand by herself - apparently she's going to spend all night sitting or standing in her cot and not be able to get down again in order to sleep.

happyandblue2: not unless they turn out to be rings of fire.

EB said...

And that's why every newlywed couple must carry their own bum cream.

Just going to the park seems like an expedition to me. Well done on making the overnight trip!

Violet said...

eb: y'know, that sounds just a liiiitle bit kinky...