Thursday, June 03, 2004

Wickedness in Rome, weirdness in small-town America and vampires in LA

I have a bit of an entertainment overload going on this week; last Sunday we got out Parts I and II of that ultra-fab BBC tv series from the Eighties, I, Claudius, plus Parts I and II of Twin Peaks (of which I saw only the pilot, which I loved).

I've only just finished watching the I, Claudius (based on the book by Robert Graves) episodes, which culminate in the death of the cunning and evil Livia - she who poisoned most of her family in order to ensure her son's rise to the position of Caesar. It was so very cool to watch when it first aired (I can't even remember how old I must have been - young), and just as cool to watch it again now. Those Romans sure were nasty folk.

Anyway, the boy came home tonight with the recordings of the rest of the Angel series, which had been screening on TV4 before it was rudely pulled from air (the tv channel, that is). So, not only do I have to watch several hours of Twin Peaks before the DVDs are due back at the video shop on Sunday (that gives me only two days because we're going out to see that Brad extravaganza, Troy, tomorrow evening); I also have to (really, really, have to) watch the Angel episodes because..well..because I'm a fan and I want to know what happens.

This is making it very hard for me to find time to study and do my assignment.

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