Tuesday, June 15, 2004

No more Assignment

Finally, finally, I have done with and finished with my assignment. It's taken me about six hours just to get the referencing to my satisfaction and for a final proof-reading. I'm not going to look at it anymore, even though I won't hand it in for another hour. I feel reasonably good about it, but I can't say it was easy (or exciting, for that matter).

The boy's birthday was low-key. We went out for Peking duck, then came home where he played computer games and I worked on the assignment. The we watched part II of I, Claudius (where Caligula kills Uncle Tiberius to claim emperorship, marries his own sister and ingests her unborn child) while he gave me a back rub.

Meanwhile, have fun looking at the Four Word Film Review, which I found at the Gateshead Library Weblog.

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