Monday, June 14, 2004

Just a few disconnected points...

It's very disconcerting, when one is sitting on the toilet, to hear loud grunting just on the other side of the wall.

It's the boy's birthday today. I'm getting him a tattoo. My assignment is due tomorrow, but of course finishing it tonight is out of the question. Just as well I"m working on Saturday, because that means I have a few hours off tomorrow morning to finish the report.

I'm in charge of the displays at the library - booking of space, that is. Apparently someone took a booking for this week (a month ago?) and didn't bother telling me, except to write it down on a portion of wall-planner which I never look at anyway. I've got a double-booking and I'm stressing.

We rented out I Claudius parts 3 and 4. That's five hours of DVD to watch before the weekend. Thank goodness I'm in the middle of a study break.

Only five days to go till we go on holiday!

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