Thursday, June 17, 2004

Whacked. And worried.

That I am.
I had to make up two hours at work, due to the 'emergency' described in the previous post, so I worked through my lunch break. I managed to remove and replace two displays though, so it was probably worth it. My list of things-to-do, before I can relax and holiday, has shortened considerably.

A while back, I e-mailed a Letter to the Editor, to the editor of a Library and Information magazine. The subject was the issue of crap pay in librarianship. I was admittedly feeling a little cynical at the time, but I did try to keep everything seemly. Once I'd sent it, I got a little nervous; I'd mentioned something about potential librarians leaving due to pitiful salaries, and may look as though I'm intending to do just that. So I asked the editor if it would be possible to omit my name. She said she'd omit my surname.

Well, that magazine arrived in the post today, and I was thoroughly disappointed to find that, not only had the editor not stepped in with a red pen and moderated the letter, but she'd printed my full name under it. I only hope no-one takes the letter the wrong way.

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