Friday, June 18, 2004


I'm just starting to relax, though I still have this afternoon and tomorrow to get through before I'm off work for two whole, lovely weeks. It looks like the roster will be in my favour when I get back, too; I only do one evening every two weeks, and on the week I don't do evening, I man the branch library which means I get to go home at 4.30 instead of 5.30. So that's quite cool.

I just spent the last ten minutes reading a 'new librarians' discussion thread, in which most postings were about MLIS graduates who were having lots of trouble getting jobs (some of them entry-level). It kinda makes me feel good about my own work situation - even if I end up staying at this place until I graduate, at least I'll have four years of experience in display management, reference, bus-driving, web content management and generally being nice to people 'cos that's in my job description.

And its nice to be able to tick off things on my list-to-do. I guess thats because I have a 'completion' leadership style...

Oh yeah - this will most likely be my last post until I get back, on July 4th. I will be cruising for Internet cafes, but don't hold your breath. Just come back for the next update.

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