Friday, June 11, 2004

personality profiles

This morning the whole library team (minus the team leaders) attended a Team Development course, which just finished an hour ago. I was surprised when the course leader took out a pile of paper and told us they were our personality profiles. These must have been gleaned from our answers to a questionnaire which we'd filled in a couple of weeks ago; I thought they were only supposed to show what we, as a team, thought of our performance.

We each had a graph showing how we scored in leadership styles like:

Complete - likes to get things done, and on time
Coordinate - delegates
Direct - authoritative (bossy?)
Evaluate - analytical
Explore - searches out information and ideas from lots of places
Harmonise - likes to keep everyone happy
Implement - good at getting started on tasks
Innovate - creative, ideas person

Anyway, I scored high on Evaluate (no surprise, since I have a science degree and used to be a computer programmer), Complete (I do like to get things done), Harmonise ('cos I'm so nice and sweet) and Direct (this was the big surprise - I don't see myself as the order-giving type).

Sadly, Innovate was my worst score, confirming my fears that I would never have made it as an artist or designer. It also makes me wonder whether my ideal occupation might have been 'accountant'...

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