Wednesday, June 02, 2004

All hyped up

When I arrived at work this morning, I thought 'hmm, M had better get his '60th Anniversary of D-Day' display up. It's already 2 days off schedule'. I also thought that my boss had better get her A into G regarding her display for Arbor Day/World Environment Day. Ten minutes later, I'd somehow agreed to do put up both displays for them.

I was supposed to be on desk duty from 10-11, then spend the next hour selecting a ton of books for the mobile library customers (each with their very own taste in literature).

Instead I spent both hours:
-picking staples out of two display boards with a dinner knife
-staple-gunning a stack of photos, maps, flags and D-Day stuff onto a curved, overly-hard display board (plus a display of large and unwieldy books on the subject)
-sorting through a dozen posters, photos, and Maori-language leaflets for the Arbor Day display
-creating a last minute banner for the latter, and printing off some explanatory text which I plagiarised from the Department of Conservation website (sorry DoC, I will add a citation when I can get around to it)

I was all hyped up, so much so that even my bladder was getting into the swing of things (provoking severe anxiety about a possible UTI - not very convenient when I'm due to be on the toilet-less bus all afternoon).

By the time I took an early lunch break, that feeling of urgency was mingled with those low-blood-sugar shakes I get whenever I let myself get too hungry. Six heated up won tons later, my stomach was full but I still felt all hyper. So instead of doing some study, or surfing the 'Net, I did some more work.

The afternoon bus round was much more relaxing, but by the time I'd got to the gym...My fifteen minutes of warm-up on the stationery bike was more like a long sprint.

Now, finally, at 9.37pm and after several minutes of frantic typing, I think I'm almost relaxed. I just have to do an hour of study first.

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