Friday, June 25, 2004

Christchurch, city of white folks

Isn't it great to have complementary Internet at one's place of accomodation?

Christchurch is supposed to be New Zealands' most English city. There is a River Avon, several stone buildings which are Oxford University-looking (most of which were designed by the same architect, which makes it risky to use one as an orientation landmark), and a population which is mostly white. In fact, a few Asian students were beaten up in Christchurch a little while back, so I'm glad I'm here with a tall, scary, protective guy.

The place is quite pleasant; there are large green areas really close to the city centre. The Arts Centre is fun, too - though more slick than it was when I visited it years ago. There are artist's workshops where you can watch them paint, carve bone, turn wood or whatever. The new art gallery is good; the building is one of those arty farty designs which make traditionalists shudder. I thought it was like being in a grown-up version of Te Papa (NZ's national museum which has gone out of it's way to appeal to kids - at the expense of being interesting to adults).

We rounded off our day with a visit to the cinema. Shrek 2 in fact. I really enjoyed it; Puss in Boots is disarmingly cute when he needs to be, the bad fairy godmother is so obviously Jennifer Saunders and donkey is still amazingly expressive for a computer-generated cartoon animal. And the ending was quite satisfactory too.


Tara said...

Hey, is your boyfriend asian too?

Simon Chamberlain said...

I like Te Papa, and I'm an adult! ;-)

I'm also a fellow student of yours, I think...are you on the MLIS programme?

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