Saturday, June 26, 2004

How an American breakfast can take up your day

I'm getting so used to having the heater on full blast in the hotel room, I fear that when we're home again I'm going to freeze like the proverbial brass monkey. We only have a singe 7-fin oil column heater at home you see, which is used to heat the whole lounge (well it attempts to, anyway). While we've been on holiday, we've taken advantage of the fact that we can use as much heating and as many tea bags, towels and little shampoo sachets as we like. It's very easy to get used to.

I was up relatively early this morning, so I went for a walk while waiting for the boy to finish his slumber. Faced with deciding between a walk around the large and green Hagley Park, or a boyfriend-free trip around the clothes shops, I chose the latter. Green-ness, I can get when he wakes up.

There is a breakfast restaurant nearby, called Drexels, which specialises in American-style breakfasts i.e. pancakes, waffles, everything with eggs and in huge portions. So we went there for a very late breakfast - I think it was after 1pm by the time we sat down and ordered. Unfortunately for the boy, he isn't used to eating eggs these days (due to my allergy to them); he's been having eggy breakfasts every day since we went away, and today he paid for it. While we were in the Information Centre arranging our travel and accomodation for the next few days, he had to rush to the nearest public rest room and hasn't been particularly energetic since. The promised stroll through the shops turned into a quick sprint to the comic shop (he must've spotted it on our first day - funny the things that imprint on our minds, eh?) and back to the hotel. I sent him off 'home' without me, which meant I was free to return to the Christchurch Art Gallery. I do like the place, it's so full of art.

p.s. I wonder whether he thinks I'm a bit of a control-freak, wanting to book the train, bus and accomodation already rather than just taking it day by day. I just see such organisation as getting all the questions asked and answered at one time, rather than having to do it every day.

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