Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Last night the fog rolled in and covered Greymouth. From our balcony, it looked really neat with all the town lights glowing faintly under it all. The fog has blown in again this morning, turning what was a warm-ish, sunny start to the day, into an icy-cold, foggy day. That's okay, because we're leaving this afternoon, to go back to sunny Nelson. In the meantime, we've been to the Warehouse (there's one in every town or city, like the ubiquitous McDonalds) to shop for cheap clothes, and now we're lounging about in a trendy/grungy cafe with cheap Internet facilities. This cafe must be okay if they hire out art film videos, eh?

After a bout of introspection, I've worked out the guts of the difference between the way I holiday and the way my boy holidays - I relax by doing stuff and he relaxes by doing nothing. I've already started to get used to periods of doing nothing, and I did manage to get him out for a walk in the bush so I suppose he's getting used to doing something.

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