Saturday, November 11, 2006

Those longer naps - it's not all good.

Ever since the nanny started working for me, The Little Madam has been doing two-hour naps - at least, she has on the days the nanny has worked.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, the nanny took care of TLM and put her down for her naps - and TLM has napped for two hours.

Thursday, when I don't go to work so I can take TLM to her weekly Waterbabies class, TLM only managed an hour and a half.

Today, Saturday, was the same.

Also, lately TLM has been resisting bedtime. Normally, she's so tired from nap-deprivation that she almost welcomes getting into her cot. Now there are tears as soon as the last line of Rockabye Baby is sung. After I've closed her door, I've ended up going back in once or twice before she'll settle.

So, not only is TLM sleeping better for the nanny than she is for me; all that extra day sleep she's been getting means that she's just not tired enough to go to bed for the night without a fight.

I suppose it's another example of how mothering doesn't get any easier as baby gets older, it just gets different.


happy and blue 2 said...

I think that the two hour nap is too long. Good for the nanny but not so good for you..

Violet said...

actually they're good for me too, because they start at around 12pm which means I get a nice long break when I get home around 12.30pm :-)