Sunday, November 19, 2006

Her first Christmas parade

After bearing the brunt of a couple of major tantrums this morning (all because she wanted to stay in the swing when we were at the park - because, y'know an hour in the swing just isn't long enough), I hoped that The Little Madam would behave better at the Christmas parade this afternoon.

She didn't enjoy the parade as much as I'd hoped, but then it was really hot and unshaded, the band music was really loud (especially the bagpipes - why are bagpipes so loud?) and she didn't recognise any of the giant TV characters like Spongebob or Scooby Doo. I think the fairies went down well though. (Now I'm struggling to recall whether we actually saw Santa Claus...)

What TLM enjoyed much better was the post-parade visit to the central city park. It's got this unusual gravel-moving/wetting apparatus which the toddlers were really loving, and she got a kick out of throwing gravel into my jeans turn-up cuffs (funny how the stuff gets everywhere - later when I changed her nappy it was full of poo-coated gravel). She behaved impeccably, making me wonder whether she only throws big wobbly fits every now and then to prevent me from becoming complacent.

It was a sociable afternoon too, because I spent a happy couple of hours chatting with a young Jordanian mum and watching TLM play with her 4-year-old. And then I met a fellow MacLaren Mac3 buggy-owner, and we bitched about how poorly-made and designed those things are.

All in all, a good end to the day.


happy and blue 2 said...

How strange. We had our Christmas parade here yesterday as well. No cartoon characters though.
Glad after the parade was fun for the two of you..

Michael C said...

Christmas Parade? It's that time of year. We took the twins to Disneyland earlier in the week and they met Mrs. Claus but were afraid of Santa. We didn't get to see a parade though...lucky you.

Violet said...

It's a little strange that we've already had the Christmas parade, and it's not even the end of November.

Beth said...

Nothing quite like poo-covered gravel ;-)