Monday, November 27, 2006

More news on the upstanding-baby front

The Little Madam and I went to visit a neighbouring mum-and-daughter this afternoon. The girls, both the same age, seemed to enjoy each other's company, and I enjoyed having a natter with another adult whilst safe in the knowledge that TLM's entertainment was being taken care of. The other little girl talks like a Teletubby, but is otherwise cute, smart and already walking a few steps at a time.

And it was here that TLM's latest mini-milestone happened. She crawled up to the step leading to the kitchen and crawled up the step! Then she slid around and launched herself off the step until upright, her hands landing against the legs of a nearby change table. And there she stood, slightly turned towards us with one hand in mid-air.

It was a proud moment. We even took photos, although we had to encourage TLM to repeat her feat a few times before we got the timing right.

For the rest of the afternoon, TLM wandered about the lounge looking for things to pull up on. I imagine it won't be long before she's standing up in her cot at night, with hands shaking the bars and demanding to be let out to play.


happy and blue 2 said...

Woohoo for TLM. Once she is walking the only milestone left is when she asks you for the car keys, ha,ha..

mad muthas said...

what a fantastic moment! does she look a mixture of proud and astonished?

Violet said...

happy and blue2: Actually the next milestone is more likely to be when she tries to sneak out through the window to attend parties...

mad muthas: I'm waiting for my neighbour to send me those photos, but I think - yes, surprised but pretty damned pleased with herself.

Angela said...

Next she will be running away from you. Make sure you have your running shoes on.

no milk said...

they grow up so fast. don't you wish they would stay sweet and small forever?

Michael C said...

At this rate TLM will be running in marathons by June!

Avery's mom said...

avery took her first steps Independantly last Thursday for THanksgiving day.
nothing on Friday but Saturday she was all proud of herself making "ta-da" sounds with her arms up like a trapeze artist. she was so proud of herself. I realize that with walking comes speed. its getting tougher but
I'm so proud of her new motor skills. its strange to see her upright and moving. I'm so proud

Violet said...

angela: at last - cardiovascular exercise for me!

no milk: even if she stayed sweet forever, that would be a miracle. But then she wouldn't be able to stand up for herself, so I suppose I ought to want her to be stroppy on occasion.

michael c: she'll be running rings around me, anyway!

avery's mom: It sounds so cool and cute. Soon she'll be able to help you by babysitting her baby brother, like they do in third world countries ;-)