Sunday, November 26, 2006

Swim and sink

And about time too.

Yesterday the boy offered to take The Little Madam off my hands for the afternoon (okay, just two hours rather than all afternoon - but I'll try not to complain), and actually managed to go for a swim in that time.

In contrast to my younger and fitter days, I only managed to crawl 18 25-metre lengths of the pool - and that's with a breather every couple of lengths. Still, it was wonderful to be in a pool and not be crouching in the water clutching a slippery young 'un. I just hope I can keep this up on a regular basis. Perhaps with a few more swims I'll be able to wave vigorously, without feeling the echoes in those fleshy bits where my triceps used to be.

After my swim, I sought out a cafe where I could have some lunch and a little quiet magazine time. But when I tried to pay for my ham'n'cheese toastie with my ATM card, I was horrified - and embarrassed - when the card was declined. I made three attempts, just to be sure, before the manager took pity on me and told me I could pay her later (quite touching really, because I'd never even set foot in that place before).

Then, during the walk back to the house, I realised what had happened to my bank balance. Long story short - earlier in the week I'd discovered that I was underpaying my nanny by 6% in holiday pay, and instead of transferring the difference into the Wages account I'd stupidly transferred the total corrected amount for two weeks wages - on top of the automatic payment which had already gone through. And now I was heavily in the red, earning my bank unknown dollars in overdraft interest fees.

Sometimes I could just smack myself on the head and call me a half-wit.


happy and blue 2 said...

At least you had a swim, a meal and a paid up Nanny..
Life is good. Except for the overdraft part,ha,ha..

Nigel Patel said...

I'd love some water-bourn exercise.
All the retirees at my gym station themselves randomly throughout the pool like a choral reef of old men and won't be moved for anything.
At least you were doing something responsible. One of my Visa cards thought it had been stolen because it had gone from no use for almost two years to all these gas charges heading West accross the country and then headed East until being exhausted in Oklahoma.
I'd have let them think it was theft but I think I would hate being charged with fraud.

Kazzer said...

oh, if only we hadn't left NZ, I'd come over and give you a slap. it's a bit odd doing it to yourself.

Angela said...

It is nice that they were understanding about your card. Next time offer to do dishes to pay for your meal. Just kidding. I haven't balanced my checking account for a month. It is a pain. No overdraft fees though, because I still have my dad's 4000 dollars that I borrowed. I better pay him back soon or I will have spent the money. Smiles!

Violet said...

happy and blue 2: this is true. But true to form, I obssess about the tiniest thing that goes wrong...

nigel: It was very responsible of the bank to get suspicious though, wasn't it?

kazzer: At least if I do it to myself there's little chance of knocking myself out.

angela: yeah they were really good about it. I was all about to put my unopened drink back in the fridge and leave before they made my sandwich, but they let me stay and eat!