Friday, July 22, 2005

The poignancy of watching Buffy backwards

I haven't been completely lazy today - I've written a post on the above subject. If you want to read it, it's right here.

Otherwise, all I've managed is a few chapters of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, a couple of Buffy episodes and a short walk (it was sunny today - at last). The walk wasn't much fun, either. First my lower back started hurting a couple of minutes after I left the house, then I was hit by pelvic pains which have lasted all afternoon. Despite all my reservations about childbirth and the start of sleepless nights, I'm really looking forward to having a workable body again.

The boy has decided to go out for drinks with the boys tonight. I don't have a problem with it, since he doesn't do it often and anyway, he won't be allowed to much after the baby is born. (That's right - I won't allow him). I'm pretty sure he'll be sensible about his drinking this time, since he's only just recovered from his virus. I just hope he doesn't smell like lighter fluid by the time he gets back, because it really puts me off my sleep.


portuguesa nova said...

Ahhhh, lighter fluid. So romantic.

EB said...

Maybe Xander is less judgemental of the Buffybot because it isn't real and basically Spike, like Xander isn't really getting any from Buffy herself so they are on equal footing.
We've seen most of most seasons, even putting up with bad reception to watch it when it was on. In the meantime we only have the first three boxed sets at the moment.

Nigel Patel said...

I've watched Wesley's evolution on the two shows in order. Now I think I'll try it in reverse.
I loved Gunn in seasons 4 and 5. Doubt, insecurity, seduction, redemtion. He was the Xander of the show.

Violet said...

portuguesa nova: well the amount of alcohol required to induce that kind of skin fragance certainly seems to have an aphrodisiac effect on some...though on the drinker not the smeller.

eb: No, Xander thought it was the real Buffy when he saw it happening, so that excuse doesn't hold. Maybe you should come over and watch some episodes with me - we've got the whole lot except for the second half of Season 6.

nigel: Cordelia evolves quite a lot too, although I must confess I prefered her when she was just bitchy.

glomgold said...

(That's right - I won't allow him)
When you say 'jump' he should ask 'how high' considering the amount of work you're puttin' in right now with the baby.

Violet said...

glomgold: ah, he's lovely. He still cooks my dinner, takes me out to lunch on weekends and buys me stuff. He's also always suitably aplogetic when he comes home from a boozy night out, at 5am.