Wednesday, July 06, 2005


The first thing that the office administrator said to me this morning (after 'Hello, Violet'), was that I'd 'dropped'. The boy also said the same thing last night. Well, perhaps I have, but I honestly can't say I've noticed my belly being any lower than it was a week ago.

I must be becoming less and less observant with time, because I haven't been noticing the baby kicking much either. When I told the midwife, she looked very concerned and muttered something about getting me in for a scan. But in the few minutes it took for her to put goop on my belly and observe the baby's heartrate, she noticed about half a dozen kicks which I didn't. Oops. Oh contraire, I have a very active baby in my innards.

The fact that I've 'dropped' means I'm another step closer to the big day. I'm still waiting (though not impatiently) for my boobs to start leaking, my skin to start showing stretchmarks and for my ankles to start swelling with retained fluid. And that's before the breaking of the waters, the 'show', and the actual labour.

My work replacement started today, and in the middle of the first day of my three-day long handover, my manager decided to take our photos for the staff newsletter. That's when I realised how fat I look in black and white. Oh well, I have an excuse.


EB said...

I saw someone due in August and she looked like she "dropped" as well. I had stretchmarks for ages despite moisturising - what's your secret?

Rainypete said...

It probably won't be long now. We've got 6 weeks to go yet, no dropping so far.

flying kiwi said...

Maybe from your vantage point your belly looks the same, but from side on you can tell or something.

Desiree said...

[rugby joke alert]

Maybe drop-kicks aren't quite as potent as place-kicks...arf, arf...!

Violet said...

eb: maybe my baby is smaller than your baby?

rainypete: give it a week or two, and people will be letting you know she's 'dropped'.

flying kiwi: nah, because every day I look in the mirror side-on to determine whether my whole body fits within the mirror.

desiree: you should know by know that rugby references are almost completely lost on me. And I've never been into racing or beer, so I'm not very Kiwi am I?

Wicked said...

Are we allowed to see the picture? I still can't picture you pregnant. :)

glomgold said...

The descriptions of impending motherhood sound oh so... traumatic.

Violet said...

Wicked: there is no picture. The closest thing you'll get to a picture of my enormous belly is the drawing I posted up a little while ago at 29 weeks. Lets just say that I now look like Mr Creosote...after an especially large meal.

Glomgold: Heh, it's so that when your dear old mum tells you what trouble she went to to give birth to you, and how ungrateful you are for it (plus other guilt-trip exclamations), you'll be more inclined to believe her.

glomgold said...

Surprisingly, my mother has never guilt-tripped me about that! Many other things though to compensate.