Friday, July 08, 2005

A fond farewell

I'd been looking forward to this day all week - specifically, I'd been looking forward to 3pm this afternoon. My leaving afternoon tea was scheduled for this time, and I knew that no work would be done after (not by me, anyway). Just for the occasion, I contributed a dozen handmade chocolate truffles from Dorothy's Cake Shop.

An hour of eating, drinking, anecdote-telling and baby-chat was followed by a wee presentation, in which I was given some really nice presents: a big soft polar fleece blanket in baby blue (unfortunately polar fleece is discouraged for cot use, but Baby can still use it in the pram); a teeny tiny set of baby nail clippers; a baby backpack (for carrying the million things one needs when taking Baby out of the house); and a super-cute white wool cardigan, hand knitted by the office administrator.

I was pretty chuffed by the lovely stuff I got, considering I'd been working there less than six months and only part time at that. So of course I promised to send baby photos and visit, though my offer to leave Baby at the office while I galavant around town all day was firmly rejected.

Then I waddled out of work as fast as my enlarged, overhanging belly would let me. I have approximately four weeks of sleep-ins ahead of me and I intend to do some snoozing.


EB said...

Sounds like they really appreciated your time with them or get bothered when you left the office early by mistake. Yeah, enjoy, relax, meditate, sleep then repeat as much as you can. Maybe stop at bunjy jumping though.

EB said...

Oops ... I meant "nor". JJT's fault, squirming on lap.

Violet said...

eb: I hear that babies can really mess up your online gaming too.

Ironically, yesterday and today I woke up a ten to eight in the morning!

glomgold said...

So, aside from the back & body aches, hormones, labor, and birthing stuff it's party time for you!

Violet said...

Glomgold: sort of an invalid's party.