Sunday, July 24, 2005

nursery update

Finally, finally, I thought we were going to finish the nursery. All that was needed was to put up the various wall hangings, pictures and mobile.

Last weekend the boy had bought a staple gun to attach the giant foam rubber jigsaw puzzle to one wall (it's a big underwater sea-life picture). But then he found out that the staples he'd gotten didn't fit the staple gun. I was just itching to get all the other bits and pieces up on the wall, but I thought it would be a good idea to get the jigsaw puzzle up first because it's so big. So I waited.

This weekend the boy went back to the hardware shop to get the right size staples. Those jigsaw pieces are pretty thick, so I was expecting him to come home with the 14mm staples. He came home with 8mm staples.

And, of course, the staples weren't big enough to go through the jigsaw pieces.

Bah. The strategy is now to glue all the pieces to something else (e.g. a sheet), and staple that to the wall. But the boy is going to leave that for another time.

So after confirming where it will eventually go, we put up all the other wall stuff on the other walls, and the big flower mobile is now hanging from the ceiling - so at least it's nearly all done.

It's now only two weeks before my due date, so potentially there'll still be handyman noises going on when I've got a baby to feed/change/settle.

Only two weeks (or possibly less) to go. I'm pretty fed up with the physical discomfort of being this pregnant, but at the same time utterly terrified of the anticipated child birth process. I don't know whether I want this period of time to speed up, slow down or what.


darth said...

two weeks??!!!?? how exciting!

i think by the last month, mrs.darth was pretty much ready to have darth jr. just OUT and in the crib :lol:

it will happen soon enough, and then the next adventure begins :)

Make Tea Not War said...

I don't know if everyone is like this but I found as I got closer and closer to the time I sunk into a sort of hormonal stupor and really stopped feeling particularly scared about going in to labour. I was so uncomfortable that all I knew was that I wanted my body back.

Violet said...

Oh, to be able to bend forward and cut my own toenails again...

A hormonal stupor which fends off fear sounds really useful right now.

EB said...

Whenever I dwelt on the birthing, I would cling to JB's words that millions of womens have done it, they've even had them in the middle of fields, it is a natural process and nothing to be terrified about. He was surprised how quickly the memory of the process faded afterwards.

flying kiwi said...

OMG, 2 weeks. How time flies! And LOL to the staple gun story.

glomgold said...

Is the foam puzzle too heavy to glue directly onto the wall? It sounds kind of like my segmented workout mats.
Two weeks?! Wow. I think I happened upon your blog when you first started posting about your pregnancy. That seems so strange.
"Clipping your own toenails" will be the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow of pain!

Violet said...

glomgold: I don't know. Maybe we just don't want that much glue on the wall...