Monday, July 11, 2005

A belly like a swiss ball-sized bowling ball

The Editter dropped by yesterday to loan me some books - none of which feature murdered children, babies from hell or frustrated artists who find themselves part of a living nightmare (as far as I can tell, anyway). She told me about someone she knows who is also pregnant, and is planning on working right up until about a week before her due date. I was horrified because, with four weeks to go, I'm already totally glad I'm now homebound. It's really uncomfortable at this stage.

After the physical exertions of yesterday's pregnancy aqua class, I was hoping to go out for a bit of a walk today. It's pretty cold today, so it meant wrapping up really well in polar fleece, windbreaker and beanie, but what actually made me return home a mere twenty minutes later was the sheer weight of my belly. It really felt like a swiss ball-sized bowling ball was in there somewhere, threatening to snap my pelvic ligaments. I'm reluctant to use the girdle now because, now that the baby's 'dropped', I don't want to squish the wee thing in tight elastic.

So it's just as well that I have plenty of reading material and DVDs, eh?


Nyx said...

That last month is rather awkward. You've got that constant feeling that you've just finished a mammoth horse trek and you walk a bit John Waynish.

It's also frustrating because as much as you want hte pregnancy to end, you don't actually want to be there when it does.

Make Tea Not War said...

I don't agree with the stoic work till the last minute thing. Pregnant women in the last few weeks should have a right to relax, enjoy the last few weeks of relative peace and take it easy. Your body is working extremely hard. Lie on the couch and read all you like. You deserve it!

flying kiwi said...

Heavily pregnant, crap weather, lots of good books and dvds - what more excuse do you need to stay at home?

The Editter said...

actually we don't know what our boss is thinking, except that seeing as it's her first she has no idea... she's still got 3 weeks left at work and her due date is only 3 days after yours!

onscreen said...

I agree with Flying Kiwi - what a great time being stuck at home with good books and DVDs. I'd love that. Except the whole being pregnant, uncofortable and the whole soon gonna have to give birth bit.

Violet said...

llcoffee: you've hit the nail on the head with that last sentence. It's exactly how I feel!

mtnw: I even let myself sleep in until nearly 10am this morning. I'm starting to wonder whether I'll actually have enough awake time to get through all the books and DVDS..

flying kiwi and onscreen:ummm...see above.

editter:I'd be interested to see how she does.