Friday, July 22, 2005

Paper clip sells for $173

It's true, and it happened here in NZ. An Auckland teenager put a red paperclip up for sale on Trade Me, and it attracted tons of interest - resulting in a winning bid of $173.

I'm glad that the money was donated to the SPCA.


EB said...

Wonder if the red paperclip would have sold for more it had been modelled.

Violet said...

There was a picture of it on the website. Or did you want to see it "in action"?

glomgold said...

I don't quite get what "chuffed" means, but that aside I just don't get it. Why?!

Violet said...

Chuffed means pleased. Apparently most of the people who visited the site to check out the paper clip did so to leave cheeky remarks. I'm not sure why the guy who bought it offered that much though.

Anonymous said...

It's been brought to my attention that you love paperclips. I have one red paperclip.

Oh, you'll probably want to see this:



Violet said...

Obviously a copy-cat posting, Kyle. And it hasn't fetched anything like the same level of offers as the first one.