Friday, July 29, 2005

Not today

I'm wondering whether I ought to have some sort of daily automatic blog post which reads "I'm not having the baby, I just don't have anything to blog about today".

Life isn't exactly eventful at the moment you see, but if I go a couple of days without a post then people might start to imagine I'm already at the hospital, straining like I'm about to push out the biggest poo in history (no really, I've been told that's what it's like).

I've been filling my hours with reading blogs and books and watching Buffy Season 7. Season 7 is way better than I remember it being too; my memory of it was endless episodes in which Buffy tries lead the Potentials, but the first 6-8 episodes (what I've been watching on DVD so far) are actually pretty damn good.

My favourite Season 7 episode so far is the one which is all about Anya. It's got humour (where, as a human, she turns her "big, dumb" boyfriend into a troll and is offered a position as vengence demon), the most gorgeously performed musical number ("Mrs", better than any of the songs in Season 5's Once More with Feeling), horror (frat boys with their hearts ripped out), conflict (Buffy decides to kill Anya, Xander tries to stop her) and tragedy (Anya offers up her life in return for reversing the spell, but loses her closest friend instead).

This episode was so good I watched it three times in one day.


Nigel Patel said...

"It's a troll doing an Olaf impression!" As an E.R. fan I was glad to see Jerry come back. The bunnies were nice too.

mlwhitt said...

Ahhhh Anya. Darn I miss Buffy and Angel. My wife and I are more Angel fans than Buffy friends, but right now I would give up all my other shows just for another season of both.

Kala Lily said...

Cruzing throu the blog directory and of course looking up anything NZ related (I am moving there soon) and came across your blog. And I have to say that a)I LOVE BUFFY b) Anya is my favorite and c) Why the hell did they take her Mrs. song out of Once More With Feeling.. the girl can sing! Oh and P.S. Season 7 is good but you have got to admit that Season 3 and Season 5 were the best! Gotta love Spike!

Nicotine Jones said...

There's a nice piece in Entertainment Weekly (US) this week about all the new shows with Buffy/Angel alumni. Cordelia is on Veronica Mars, Spike is on Smallville, and Angel, Willow, Xander all have new shows. Or rather, the actors who played them. My wife and I miss the shows, too.

Violet said...

nigel: yeah, it took me a couple of minutes to work out where I'd seen that face before.

mlwhitt: you must get the shows on DVD.

kala lily: Where in NZ are you planning on living? My favourite is still SEason 6, but then I do like the dark stuff.

nicotine jones: I knew James Marsters was going to be on Smallville, but I didn't know about the other ones. I'll watch out for Charisma on Veronica Mars.

mlwhitt said...

Violet, got them on DVD thank goodness. We just got done spending weeks and weeks watching all 5 seasons of Angel. Guess we need to start with Buffy now. Of course as a Josh fan, I have Firefly boxset too.

By the way thank you for catching my bare mistake on my blog. Heh heh.

Violet said...

mlwhitt, I'd be interested to know why you prefer Angel to Buffy, actually, since most fans I know prefer Buffy.

I almost never pass up a chance to make fun of someone's typos.

glomgold said...

Well! Then I guess I just experienced childbirth today! Ok, sorry, that's just a gross and juvenile joke.

I am just stunned because I had no idea Buffy went on for (at least) 7 seasons!