Saturday, July 02, 2005

Double Act

The opera was good - it would've been very enjoyable even, if my bum muscles hadn't started twitching after a mere five minutes into the show. There was only one break halfway, and during the second half this posterier discomfort was joined by twitchy leg muscles and the gasping for air which results from my lungs being squashed up by Baby.

Coincidentally, the woman sitting on my left was also pregnant - what're the chances of that, eh? She was fidgeting and trying to stay comfy too, although I'll stick my neck out right now and say that my fidgeting was probably greater than hers. I briefly imagined the boy and I popping out to the lobby for a quick bum massage, but dismissed the idea when that led to visions of being kicked out for lewdness in public.

So in hindsight, I should probably not have decided to go, even though I did manage to get through the entire evening without disrupting everyone around me...well, not too much I hope. Those seats were a little squeaky, and the effects of two women bobbing up and down in their seats can't have been entirely ignore-able.


Jon said...

Last time I got a bum massage I needed to smoke a cigarette!

glomgold said...

Lucky there were two of you then! I'm sure others couldn't determine which one of you was the one making the most squeaks. Or, if people shot you glances you could covertly point at your neighbor.

Violet said...

jon: I rest my case :-)

glomgold: at least we can't have been more annoying than the woman whose mobile went off. Twice.

EB said...

A pair of bobbing preggers at the Opera! Lucky the seats didn't have bounce enough to send you through the roof. Anyway, marathon effort Violet, well done!