Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Any day now

Although, technically, the baby is not due for another 12 days, it could in fact happen any day now. I read somewhere that about eighty percent of babies are born within ten days of their respective due dates, so if you find I haven't posted for a few days then you should probably assume it's all happening.

The boy has getting prepared - he's committed to limiting his alcohol intake to one drink per day until the baby is born, just so that he's fit to drive 24/7. At first, I thought he was doing this as a health thing (because I'm always nagging at him to look after himself more). But almost giving up the booze for a couple of weeks, rather than completely giving it up forever, is still better than nothing.

We picked up our rental infant car seat this morning. The woman we dealt with seemed to be having trouble getting it all buckled up in the back seat, which was a bit of a worry. If a seasoned professional is struggling with it, how long is it going to take for me to handle the thing with ease?

I've been avoiding driving for the last couple of weeks - it's just uncomfortable - so my car's been sitting in the garage used. On the way to the rental place with it this morning, we managed stall several times and flood the engine because we didn't give it enough time to warm up.

I even got my sister out-law to come visit me instead of vice versa, even though she'd have to bring her two young kids with her. She brought cake and I supplied our giant sea-themed jigsaw puzzle for my nephew to occupy himself with. In the short hour they were here, the kids founds several places to leave food - on the kitchen floor, on the living room rug, in the chair in the nursery, behind the rubbish bin and inside one of the boy's boots.


Jon said...

Wow, I go away for 5 days and you are getting ready to have a baby!!! If you don't post for a while, we'll all know why. Good luck, best wishes, and name him Jon! If it's a girl, name her, um....Joan, maybe ;)

EB said...

Ahh, food in strange places, a taste of things to come and you might find it cuter with your own child.

At least the seat is installed and ready. You and the boy can take your time figuring it out after the baby comes home.

In case any day becomes now, best wishes - you can can do it!

Rainypete said...

Has the baby dropped down yet? That's when I got nervous last time. Ours drifts down through the day and sneaks back up at night. Poor thing's like a biological yo-yo.

Ms Mac said...

Only 12 days to go! Amazing! I can't wait for this baby any longer. Try a curry, some nookie and a bit of a walk for me, would you? ;-)

flying kiwi said...

At least it was only food in strange places. I've heard many stories of parents letting their toddlers have bare bottom time, and later finding a present behind the sofa...

The Skirt said...

EW, bare bottom time in other people's homes? Gross!

I was a bit worried that you'd already given birth, actually, cos you hadn't posted on Monday. I bet all the excitement happens while I'm away :-(

Violet said...

Gosh, this means that I'd better post daily until the big day, so you don't get the wrong idea!

jon: doesn't time fly?

eb: I'm thinking we should've got our carpets pulled up and just had bare floorboards - easier to mop 'things' up!

rainypete: I don't think it has, although it quite often headbutts my bladder.

ms mac: it's funny, but the boy was wary of us having sex during the 3rd trimester. But by the time I'd convinced him it was perfectly safe, I'd lost interest in sex...

flying kiwi: should I buy a tarpaulin and cover the whole room with it?

skirt: It's possible, but try not to let it ruin your holiday wondering!