Monday, February 19, 2007


This morning we interviewed two candidates for the role I'm vacating. The fact that I was going to be taking part in the interview was a complete surprise to me; I'd thought I was only going to join in on brainstorming interview questions, then make my exit before the arrival of the first hopeful.

Because, if I'd known, I would have tried to rehearse.

I've been told (okay, mostly by people who are too polite to tell me my writing sucks) that my writing is fine. My public speaking, however, is in dire need of polishing. Apart from the spoonerisms and the tripping over of words, I just couldn't avoid babbling on and on and going off into tangents, instead of focusing on what my job actually entails.

I was much better when the second interviewee showed up. That's when I realised how much difference it can make, whether those on the panel are any good at asking questions.

I'm not certain, but it appears that the job might go to the bronzed, hazel-eyed young man who wouldn't look out of place on an American soapie.


Cathi said...

My interview trick is to throw a glass of water, either over the table or over the candidate, or preferably both.

I do it every time

happy and blue 2 said...

Ask them who is their favorite interviewer at the table..

Leo said...

I bet you're sad to go if they do hire the bronzed soap star wannabe.

But on the whole verbosity thing, I think I suffer the same problem. I wish people would just talk straight into my head sometimes because my conversations are so much clearer in there.

Michael C said...

I would have trouble interviewing my replacement. I would be biased and looking to hard to see that they didn't have the qualites I think would make them have a hard time with the position

Violet said...

cathi: haha...and does it weed out the strong from the weak?

happy and blue2: I might do, once he turns up at work.

leo: "I bet you're sad to go if they do hire the bronzed soap star wannabe." Don't even go there - he's half my age! I reckon I would seem a lot cooler if all my communications could be written, if only because it allows me to think before I write...

michael c: well I've never actually been in a job interview before, except when I was the candidate. It was a bit of a trial by fire, really.

glomgold said...

AHA!!! Spoonerism!! That's the word I was trying to remember the other day. Thanks!

Violet said...

glomgold: thanks, although I'd rather mine were intentional.