Monday, February 05, 2007

Hot and cold

On the verge of starting her first swim classes for 2007, The Little Madam is sick again.

It started yesterday afternoon, after refusing to eat lunch, waking really early from her nap and displaying a surprising disinterest in the fluffy fauna at the Picnic with the Animals day.

First she was subdued, then she was irritated. Then she was hot and dry with a body temperature of over 40 degrees Celsius. Numerous cool sponge baths and a dose of Pamol later, she was cool enough to put to bed for the night. The boy, poor soul, was up most of it checking on her and resettling her, even holding a cold can of beer against her body while she sat on his lap watching World of Warcraft characters hunt each other down.

TLM seemed to make a miraculous recovery today, but by evening she was one hot potato.

It's possible that this is a side effect of the MMR (Measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination she received just over a week ago - the nurse did say that a proportion of kids will get a rash or fever within seven days of the jab. Or, TLM might have something else. I hope it isn't ursinia again because, apart from the horribleness of the infection itself, what kind of parents must we be to allow TLM to succumb to the same bacteria twice in less than two months?


happy and blue 2 said...

It's probably from the vaccinations. Hope she is better before the beer runs out, ha,ha..

Angela said...

No fun. Hope her hot flashes get better. That sounds like menopause, but can’t be she is too young. LOL

Violet said...

happyandblue2: we don't run out of beer in this house.

angela: If menopause is like that, then I'm not looking forward to it.

Irene said...

Few things suck as much as having one's children get sick.

Hope your little one recovers swiftly and gets back to swimming happily. =)

Violet said...

Thanks Irene, I do get a bit sick of TLM getting sick all the time, but it must be lots worse for her than for me...